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Twilight Saga Movies Box Set

Does anyone know of a store that actually has the twilight saga box set available?


Best Buy lists it as being a current item for sale, but it is listed as unavailable in any store for a 100 miles.


It's listed as Twilight Saga: The Complete Collection - with Best Buy Exclusive Packaging. - Blu-ray Disc 

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Re: Twilight Saga Movies Box Set

Hello ellisonsci,


This box set is an exclusive with limited quantities available, and I’m really sorry if you’re having difficulties locating a copy. I did a quick search and can see that there are still some stores across the country that do have this in stock, which is why it is still listed on I apologize that it isn’t available locally for you, but it doesn’t appear that stores will be receiving any more copies of this release.


Thanks for posting on the forum, and please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.



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