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This new Whitney album is a head scratcher

I'll admit I'm perplexed about a lot of the bands being acclaimed nowadays but this one is particularly odd to me. I saw this band open up for Wild Nothing a while back and all my friends and I agreed that the forced falsetto was a train wreck (guy can't sing for anything) and the songs, though occasionally stumbling onto a few moments of horn filled fun don't amount to much and are sloppily assembled.

So this week i've been seeing all the rave reviews from several sites especially credibility challenged Pitchfork and I decide to give it a listen. It's even worse on record. Songs have half the energy of the live performance and the vocals are even worse. There's been loads of great music lately that was completely ignored and I'm continually befuddled about the qualify of stuff being raved about.

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Re: This new Whitney album is a head scratcher

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Hello adamjohnson,


I'm a huge fan of many bands that can successfully pull off a falsetto lead vocal. Beyond obvious choices like the Bee Gees and Freddie Mercury of Queen, the lead singers for Delays (who are probably defunct) and The Darkness are bar-none favorites of mine and set a very high bar for new and upcoming singers.


Not willing to risk $12 of my hard-earned cash, I decided to sample Whitney's new album, Light Upon the Lake, and regrettably I must agree with you. While the production is quite good, the lead singer's falsetto is weak at best and the horns (to be kind) are sub-par. While the band seems to make good use of their instruments and the songwriting is, well, adequate, there seems to be a mid-'70s vibe to the music and production that calls to mind some of the worst qualities of that decade. I'm old. I was there. I know.


With that said, I'm also a fan of musicians who dare to be different and I have high hopes that Whitney's sophomore effort will yield a more exciting trove of songs and performances, but for now, I'll stick with the bands I already know I like.


Thank you very much for taking the time to write to us. I appreciate the conversation.



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