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The Next Show You Should Binge

Go get your popcorn and M&M’s ready, because once you watch the pilot of Mr. Robot, you’re going to want to binge it until you finish the final season.


The show follows Elliot, an anti-social computer programmer that works as a cybersecurity engineer during the day, but his real passion is using his impressive hacker skills to try to save the world.


While Elliot does have a hard time in social situations, he is incredibly protective of the people he cares about, and even takes it upon himself to hack those that interact with his loved ones, so he can step in if their intentions are less than trustworthy.


Between spending his free time hacking, to make the world better for those around him, and trying to protect “Evil Corp.” from hackers much like himself at work, he stumbles upon a secret group that is trying to hack the most powerful people in the world, so that power can be given back to the people, not just to the people running major corporations. 


Trying to save the world from the agenda of the most power has its challenges, but Elliot and his group of fellow hacker misfits are ready for the fight. While the show does go over some dark themes, it is filled with a lot of heart. As a quieter person, it was deeply moving for me to be able to watch an introvert be this powerhouse, by taking their loneliness and honing it towards a skill that could make them a force to be reckoned with. That said, you don’t have to be more reserved to find Elliot and his mission compelling.


Normally when I watch a show that is darker, I’ll balance it out with a funny sitcom, such as How I Met Your Mother, but the plot of Mr. Robot draws you in to the point where you might not have a life outside of work until get through all of the episodes. When I wasn’t watching it, I was trying to find others who have, so I could discuss theories.


While season 2 takes an interesting turn, to the point of almost feeling like a different program, Mr. Robot gets back to the roots of season 1 in season 3 and 4. It’s a show you don’t want to miss, with a character that you can’t help but root for, despite their faults.

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Re: The Next Show You Should Binge

Thanks for sharing, I'm going to get some popcorn.