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The Beauty Inside Social Film

Directed by Sundance Film Festival award-winner Drake Doremus (Like Crazy), The Beauty Inside is an online film project that explores the fluid nature of modern identity. The story follows Alex (voiced by Topher Grace of Spider-Man 3 and That ‘70s Show fame), a young man who wakes up in a new body every morning.


Alex doesn’t know who he’ll be on a given day until he looks in the mirror and sees someone much older, maybe, or someone of a different race, or of the opposite sex. He’s coping with the situation as well as could be expected until he falls for a young lady (Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Scott Pilgrim ) and must try to overcome his shape-shifting nature in the name of love. It’s a concept somewhere between Groundhog Day and Quantum Leap, with a good dose of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando mixed in.


The social element comes in during the casting process. In July, the filmmakers took to Facebook to put out a global casting call for actors to play Alex’s various physical identities. Since it’s a part that could fit virtually anyone, this was one of the most truly open calls in recent cinematic memory. Further raising the social bar, when the film debuts Thursday, August 16 on Facebook, viewers will be able to interact with Alex via their social feeds. The Beauty Inside will air in six weekly installments on Facebook (Thursdays), bringing the audience closer into Alex’s unique yet universal world with each new chapter.


Best Buy is proud to be a co-presenter of this fascinating project, and we hope you’ll be joining us on Facebook this Thursday. Visit the film's official YouTube channel hereClick here to join Alex on his journey to The Beauty Inside.