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I have a suggestion that I don't know where I could pass it onto, but I've been thinking about this for awhile. I'm a Gamers Club Unlocked member and I think it's one of the best perks of Best Buy; however, I wanted to suggest a membership for movies too. I buy all of my movies at Best Buy, and believe me, I buy a ton of them, but I always wonder why Best Buy has never explored a membership for people that buy movies. Not only would this work great for current customers, it would also allow Best Buy to bring in new customers as well because to my knowledge there aren't any programs like this from any of Best Buy's competitors. I know there is still a huge market for people that buy blu-rays and a lot of your customers come in simply to buy a movie. It would be a great addition to the perks offered by Best Buy. 



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Thats a pretty good idea.  


If you click on the link below it will take you to the ideas section.  This is were people can put ideas just like this and others can discuss it and vote on it.



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