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Star Trek Event Failure, At Least I Have Best Buy...


I had tickets for the Maple Grove, MN Fathom Event: "Star Trek 25th Anniversary Celebration" today.
It did not go well. 
Tonight's event was not acceptable in any form:
  • They kept the lights on 20 minutes into the start
  • The audio was not synced up.
  • They had error messages on screen during the episodes.
  • The bottom 5-10% of the screen kept "re-painting" itself.
  • Audio was full of static and jumbled and the compression show huge accounts of artifacts during the presentation. 
  • Whole scenes and minutes were lost.
I expected more for the 25th Anniversary Star Trek event. I drove 1.5 hours each way to be able to get to this theater to sare this event with my father. I was really looking forward to this event. At least I can still watch the Blu-Ray Season One set that I ordered at Best Buy tomorrow: