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Robots of Doom Movie Review

[ Edited ]

Hello and welcome to the first Robots of Doom Movie Review.  My intent is to review some movies that weren’t necessarily box office hits, but that the average person may not have heard about or is curious to learn more about.


As you will see later on, I will present many different categories to rate each movie in, though the categories may not be the same for each movie.  The rating system will be 1 to 5 using one of the Robot face emoticons to symbolize the numbers.  At the end, I will give my overall opinion as a rating as well.


I hope that you enjoy the Robots of Doom and I appreciate any feedback you might want to provide, both positive and negative.


Now, with all that out of the way, let’s get started with our first movie:






Five friends go for a break at a remote cabin in the woods, where they get more than they bargained for. Together, they must discover the truth behind the cabin in the woods.  Sound familiar?  Oh, if only that were true.  Cabin in the Woods turns the horror genre on its head by poking fun at many of the horror stereotypes, but in an intelligent way that really makes you think twice about why horror movies work the way they do.


Written by Joss Whedon & Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) and directed by Drew Goddard, it stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Kristin Connelly, Anna Hutchinson, Fran Kranz and Jesse Williams as the five friends.  Cabin in the Woods is rated R.


Potty Mouth: Robot surprisedRobot surprisedRobot surprised


There is definitely a fair amount of language in this film, though nothing that might cause your mother to blush.  Most of the language found in the movie is now being heard on regular television, but if you are a concerned parent, you probably don’t want your 10 year old repeating any of these words on the school playground.  But then again, if you are a concerned parent, you probably aren’t letting your 10 year old watch this movie.


Naughty Bits: Robot Embarassed


There is some nudity from Anna Hutchinson during a sex scene in the woods, but it’s pretty quick.  If you are looking for lots of flesh, you are not going to find it here, sicko.


Splatter Radius: Robot HappyRobot HappyRobot HappyRobot Happy


You have to wait for a bit, but when the gore comes, it comes in a rush.  What’s probably most unique is the number of ways that people die in this movie.  Whedon pulled from every conceivable horror movie to create many of the death scenes, so there is something here for every horror movie fan.  My personal favorite is the Merman (yep, I said it, Merman).


The Plot Thickens (or Thins): Robot Very HappyRobot Very HappyRobot Very HappyRobot Very Happy 


This is by far one of the most distinctive and well thought out horror movies that I have ever seen.  Very rarely do I leave a horror movie (or any movie actually) truly thinking about all the implications of the movie or all the sources that it draws from like this one.  While the plot is not incredibly intricate, the ideas put forth in this movie to explain all horrors movies is pure genius and shows that Whedon and Goddard truly wanted to create something unique.  I say mission accomplished good sirs!


Method Acting: Robot IndifferentRobot IndifferentRobot Happy


The acting is pretty good, especially for a horror movie, but since the main characters are supposed to be clichés, there are no surprises here.  The best acting comes from the actors who play the behind the scenes characters who set up the main characters to die.  As per usual for Whedon, the character interchange is very banterish, like his TV series characters can be, so if you don’t care for this, you may not like the dialogue.   Sigourney Weaver makes a terrific cameo at the end and is classy as usual.


Robots of Doom Final Judgment: Robot Very HappyRobot Very HappyRobot Very HappyRobot Very Happy


I found this movie to be totally enjoyable and well worth the time.  If you enjoy horror movies that make you pay attention as well as think about them after the movie is over, then Cabin in the Woods completely fits the bill!  Whedon and Goddard did an amazing job energizing the genre here, even though there has not been a lot of mainstream recognition.  While I do not currently own it, I do plan on picking this one up for the collection.  I know that physical media is not what the cool kids are doing these days, but the Robots of Doom follow no masters (except my mom, who doesn’t like it when I repeat words I hear in the movies)!

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