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Request for new 4k Steelbooks

So this is a message that's kind of a long shot, but maybe just maybe it'll show an interest in these products that still have not received 4k releases, or even steelbooks (through Best Buy) for that matter.


1.)  True Lies (1994).  This is one of Arnold Schwartzenegger's best movies, and I see that he's been getting a few of his other old movies released in steelbook, but True Lies would be a real collectors item.


Next up... James Cameron's mega blockbuster of Avatar (2009).  There have been various Steelbooks made in other countries for thee first movie, but it's never graced the Best Buy shelves.  I'd love to see a real Best Buy Avatar Steelbook with 4k blu-ray included.  Even better if it also includes the extended edition, and dare I say... 3D?  But I guess that's hoping for way too much greatness.


Anyway, those are my requests.  Please make one or both a dream come true.  Thanks.

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Re: Request for new 4k Steelbooks

Additionally, I have one other strange question.  I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.  The Hawaiian island of Oahu, in particular, is widely known (by the people living here) to the locations of numerous #1 and #2 locations of highest anual sales for quite a few large coorporations.  Both Costco and Sam's Club, for example.  Also, the restaurants Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen as well.  All 4 of those businesses have their two highest sales locations out here.


I was wondering what area was home to the #1 Best Buy in the world, in terms of anual sales.  Not profit, just sales.

No idea if you could even answer that question.  I'm just curious.

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Re: Request for new 4k Steelbooks

Steelbooks were once an exclusive thing to Best Buy in Canada where they were guaranteed steelbooks with lots of major titles.


In the USA, Best Buy gets them when they get them. I dont think they have any control of what the movie studios release. So if a movie studio chooses not to release X title as a Steel book in the US, it probably won't be available at Best Buy at all.


In regards to financial data, Best Buy has an investor relations page. You can find more info here:

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