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Queer As Folk season 3 pricing?

Hi, I was looking to buy the 3rd season of the US show "Queer as Folk" from the online store. The price for it is $80.99 and I'm a little confused by that because all the other seasons of the show (1, 2, 4, and 5) are listed at either $30.99 or $34.99, so I was wondering if maybe there was some sort of error or miscommunication with the price? It just seems very odd that the middle season is twice as much as every other season. I even checked other electronic stores websites, and they've got it listed in the $30 price range. I would go buy it elsewhere, but I have a giftcard for bestbuy and was hoping to purchase this here.

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Re: Queer As Folk season 3 pricing?

Hi qafguy99,


I looked into this, and the 3rd season is actually a collector's edition, which is the reason for the pricing difference.  I'll be private messaging you with some additional information.  Click the envelope at the top of the page.





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