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Nikki Sixx: Live Chat Transcript

Thanks for joining us for the live chat with Nikki Sixx! In case you missed it, please check out the transcript below.


You can also connect with him online at:

Twitter: nikkisixx

Facebook: nikkisixxofficial

Instagram: NikkiSixx666


NikkiSixx: Hey guys! I’m really excited to be doing this with Best Buy!

NikkiSixx: And to be answering all your questions

NikkiSixx: Let’s keep it clean, but not too clean

Guest-5: What is your favorite album?

NikkiSixx: One of my favorite albums is T-Rex’s Slider album
NikkiSixx: it was one of my first albums that not only had amazing feel, but lyrics and musicality
Guest-44: Who's idea was it to write "Kickstart My Heart"?
NikkiSixx: I wrote Kickstart My Heart in five minutes on an acoustic guitar
NikkiSixx: after I'd been clean and sober about a year from heroin addiction
NikkiSixx: I sometimes say that the song wrote itself
NikkiSixx: it was just meant to be
ConBrio82: Nikki, I know you and Tommy are very involved in the design process with your shows. Can you speak into how you approach the look, flow, and aesthetic of a live Motley experience?
NikkiSixx: As a whole, Motley Crue is always involved in all the visualization of our live productions
NikkiSixx: but it seems that a lot of the core ideas do flow from me and Tommy
NikkiSixx: all band members have a speciality that they do within the bands
NikkiSixx: and I think one of the things that me and Tommy are best at is thinking outside the box
demented_soul: Hi Nikki. I know you guys are all super busy but do you see the possibility of Sixx A.M. touring overseas to the uk? Thanks Joanne x
NikkiSixx: All the members of Sixx: A.M. are committed and want to tour
NikkiSixx: but, between Motley Crue, Guns and Roses and James' production work
NikkiSixx: it's extremely difficult to find a time that we would all be available
NikkiSixx: but I want to let fans know that it is a priority and we want it to happen in the biggest of ways
Guest-94: Do you know if Courtney or kerri be at the Detriot show Sept 5th? Smiley Happy
NikkiSixx: Courtney is going to be on the road with me as much as she can
NikkiSixx: and Kerri will be on the road doing Sixx Sense with me
Guest-96: Hi Nikki. Smiley Very Happy
NikkiSixx: Hello! Thanks for joining us for the chat
MarieOliviah: will the books be translated into other languages​​?
NikkiSixx: Yes. They have been and they are continuing to be
Guest-57: You have written so many great songs - which one are you most proud of/favorite?
NikkiSixx: as a songwriter, my favorite songs change all the time
NikkiSixx: and sometimes I rediscover them after years of not even hearing them and have different opinions of them
NikkiSixx: sometimes good
NikkiSixx: sometimes bad
NikkiSixx: hahaah
Guest-130: I say this with enormous respect; you look great at 53, especially after the life you've lived. Have you ever thought of writing a health book like, How to Live Healthy After Partying Like a Rockstar for 30 Years? It just makes sense that you would. The Sixx Diet. 3rd best seller idea, boom.
NikkiSixx: I don't think I'll be writing a health book in the future
NikkiSixx: but, The Herion Diaries might be able to help people with some of their other issues
Guest-41: when do you have new song
NikkiSixx: The nw Motley Crue song is called "Sex"
NikkiSixx: It will be surfacing next week
NikkiSixx: in different ways
NikkiSixx: the music industry is changing and we are changing in the way that we deliver music to the fans
NikkiSixx: I think you are all going to be very excited with, not only the song
NikkiSixx: but what we do with it.
LindseyWilde: What's your favorite way to connect to fans?
NikkiSixx: I really enjoy Twitter
NikkiSixx: Facebook
NikkiSixx: and Instagram
Guest-104: What is the most inspiring thing you have ever seen in your career as a musician?
NikkiSixx: The most inspiring thing that I see is artists that are willing to ride out the storm when they are not the most popular
NikkiSixx: reinvent themselves and rise like a Phoenix and show that their true love is really just the music
Guest-167: nikki having travled all around the world many times...which country has the coolest chicks? haha
NikkiSixx: We were recently in Romania for the first time
NikkiSixx: and, even though I have a girlfriend and I did say this to her
NikkiSixx: the chicks were pretty hot
bryanD: What is the best movie you've ever seen?
NikkiSixx: One of my favorite movies is Time Bandits
Guest-40: What are you feelings about fan sitesout there such as sixx addiction and others? Are you for them or against them?
NikkiSixx: I think that, as long as fan made websites don't dig into people's personal lives
NikkiSixx: and just share their love for the artist, the music and their passions
NikkiSixx: I support them
Guest-89: Hey Nikki! If you could put together a band of celebrity musicians, who would it consist of? Rock on \m/ from the one the only Kaelin JoanJett Ballard (80zRockChick)
NikkiSixx: Me on bass, Bowie on vocals
NikkiSixx: Keith Richards on guitar
NikkiSixx: Keith Moon on drums
NikkiSixx: that would be one bleep of a jam
Guest-83: hello nikki who is your favorite group?
NikkiSixx: Growing up, it was Aerosmith
NikkiSixx: Sex Pistols
NikkiSixx: Sabbath
NikkiSixx: T-Rex
NikkiSixx: David Bowie
NikkiSixx: just to name a few
Guest-82: Can you PLEASE come to New Zealand?? Smiley Happy
NikkiSixx: I have never been to NEw Zealand
NikkiSixx: Iwould love to come there
Guest-122: I have gone to many of the Crue concerts, but the past two years you have not headlined, when is the Crew going to go on tour as the headliner, or is CrueFest coming back any time soon??
NikkiSixx: With the economy in the toilet, we have chosen multiple times to do double headlines
NikkiSixx: with other artists of the same stature
NikkiSixx: for the fans
Guest-84: Nikki, you have a new single "Sex" with MC coming rather soon, Friday if I heard correctly. How much power and metaphorical "oomph" is in the single? How hardcore is it on a scale of 1 to 10?
NikkiSixx: The title says it all
Guest-138: Hi NIKKI! Just wondering what are your favorite things to photograph?
NikkiSixx: It changes
NikkiSixx: all the time
NikkiSixx: As a photographer, once I have explored a subject
NikkiSixx: I am ready to adventure into new territory which makes it harder and harder for me to find things to shoot that interest me
Guest-190: When will the next Sixx:A.M.CD be released? I absolutely love This is Gonna Hurt!
NikkiSixx: We just released our third single, "Are You With Me Now" and we are hoping for a fourth
NikkiSixx: so a new album is somewhat far off
Guest-157: Hey Nikki! Even though you guys are all spoken for.. you don't mind still seeing boobies flashed-do you??
NikkiSixx: I'll try to look away
Guest-223: What is your favourite song to play live? Smiley Happy
NikkiSixx: We just played "Smokin' In the Boys Room" for the first time in years
NikkiSixx: and I was really having a blast playing that
NikkiSixx: but, I think my favorite song right now is Primal Scream live
NikkiSixx: Wait til you see what I have planned for that during the Motley/KISS tour
NikkiSixx: it's gonna blow your mind
Sixxfan_84: How are ya, Sixx? How is Grandpa Tom?
NikkiSixx: He's doing better, but it's a long road
NikkiSixx: Thanks for asking
Guest-124: Is there going to be any new theatrics in the new up coming tour with KISS?
NikkiSixx: Absolutely
NikkiSixx: 100%
NikkiSixx: Guaranteed to blow your mind
mcomer: 1. When can we expect to hear a new Motley Crue album of entirely of new material, as new new material has been released by the band since 2008's, Saints of Los Angeles. KISS whom they are co-headlining this Summer's tour with will be releasing the much anticipated "Monster" in October, the follow-up to 2009's "Sonic Boom". SOLA was such a great comeback album with all original members, it was common thinking that the band would be hitting their stride and recording and releasing more albums. (s...
NikkiSixx: We're writing…and when the songs are ready, we'll record them
NikkiSixx: and, how we will release them, we don't know
NikkiSixx: because everything is changing and we kinda like it
Guest-214: Interested in camera choices.....I would like just a little better than a point & shoot but not something so big that it becomes a hassle to carry. Make sense?
NikkiSixx: I think there are so many good camera manufacturures out there
NikkiSixx: that you really need to spend time going through them to find out what is right for you
NikkiSixx: you can always use your iPhone like everyone else
NikkiSixx: hahaha
Guest-15: Hey Nikki Smiley Tongue I was just curious on your view on Marilyn Manson as an artist
NikkiSixx: I always thought that Marilyn Manson had a great opportunity to be as big as Bowie
NikkiSixx: or Alice Cooper
NikkiSixx: but he needed to write the songs as good as those artists to do it
Guest-100: How was your europe tour? Any good stories?
NikkiSixx: This tour in Eurpoe was one of my favorites
NikkiSixx: it seemed like everything for the weather to the fans were just in a great mood
Guest-238: Out of all your bass guitars, which is your favourite?
NikkiSixx: I have two basses that are my favorite
NikkiSixx: my signature series Gibson Blackbird
NikkiSixx: and my 1959 P Bass
Guest-252: If you could go back into time or into the future which would you choose and why?
NikkiSixx: Dude, you're going to make my brain hurt

Guest-257: How does it feel being on tour?
NikkiSixx: That's a good question.
NikkiSixx: I love being on stage more than anything in the world
NikkiSixx: but it's really hard to be away from my family to be honest
NikkiSixx: and that is my struggle
Guest-188: You are a rock star, a best selling author, an artist, a photographer, a song writer, and now even an actor. Is there anything you want to do that you have not done? What is next for Nikki Sixx?
NikkiSixx: I would really like to sit in some version of a chair like a Howard Stern/Ryan Seacrest
NikkiSixx: in raido
Guest-192: I read your post recently about being clean and sober for 11 years. Is it still something you fight or is staying sober second nature? On a lighter side...Can't wait to see you guys in The Woodlands Aug 8th! Great to see you still rocking it! The music keeps me young. Thank you so much!
NikkiSixx: Being clean and sober became easy when I wanted it
Guest-61: Hi Nikki! I'm from Hungary and I'm a bass player!We play a lot of Möltey for fun with my band(I have a Blackbird).I have a dream with you last night, posted on your facebook haha. I'm always wanted to say I'm your biggest fan and my biggest dream is see you on the stage with Mötley. Please Come to Hungary Sixx
Guest-260: I've recently just got into photography after seeing some of your photos, what inspired you to start photography?
NikkiSixx:  Hey man. Nice to meet you
NikkiSixx:  Keep rockin' that bird
Guest-305: how do you feel about fans who have portrait tattoos of you? XXX and OOOs Bekki
NikkiSixx: It's such a huge committment for someone to get a portrait of someone they respect that I always feel completely blown away when they choose me
NikkiSixx: and I hope to God I never let them down
Guest-377: Is Dj Ashba one of your best friends?
NikkiSixx: yes, Dj is one of my best friends
NikkiSixx: and I am not happy he is cheating on me with Axl Rose
Dorothy-BBY: LOL
Guest-306: a lot of people have been saying the heroin diaries is fake because nobody could have wrote it when they are in the condition you were under, what do you have to say about that?
NikkiSixx: I see sometimes people slag the Heroin Diaries out of jealousy...
NikkiSixx: or that they just don't understand
NikkiSixx: but the truth is…if I didn't have the ability to write down the bleep that I was living
NikkiSixx: I may not have survived
Guest-296: Why don't you guys play the song "**bleep**" on the radio or in concerts?
NikkiSixx: We don't have a song call **bleep**
Guest-276: Did you ever pretend to be a truck driver to a lonely kid in MA?
NikkiSixx: That's just too weird
Guest-229: So I'm 2 years sober and I'm having problems journaling, have any suggestions?? I have all the thoughts but can't get it to paper. I do have the book The Artists Way. XO Nicole
NikkiSixx: Try stream of consciousness journal writing
NikkiSixx: there's a great book on this called The Artists Way
ConBrio82: I have been a big fan of your photography. Which photographers or artists have been influential or inspiring to you?
NikkiSixx: It changes all the time
Guest-287: Do you prefer prime lenses or zoom lenses, and what is your favorite?
NikkiSixx: I prefer fixed lenses
Guest-386: What would the inscription on your headstone be?
NikkiSixx: Love me lower
Guest-354: who inspired you to write songs?
NikkiSixx: It's not who, it's what...
NikkiSixx: life, in general, is just one huge inspiration
NikkiSixx: you can never run out of subjects to write about
Guest-146: Does playing live on tour night after night ever become "boring" and if so how do you keep things fresh?
NikkiSixx: Playing live never becomes boring
NikkiSixx: but it's the off hours where the demons rear their heads
Guest-331: Hey six was wondering if after your single is released if your planning for a full album or as ive heard you say before a couple songs every couple months -thanks Jared V
NikkiSixx: How we release music in the future
NikkiSixx: whether it's song by song
NikkiSixx: ep by ep
NikkiSixx: album by album
NikkiSixx: or soundtracks to movies
NikkiSixx: we don't know…we're open and excited about our future
NikkiSixx: and in no rush to just release music to just release music
NikkiSixx: I hope you enjoy the new song "Sex"
NikkiSixx: it's just the beginning
Guest-369: Are you coming to Mexico with the tour with KISS?
NikkiSixx: We're in talks about one show in Mexico with Motley/KISS
NikkiSixx: but nothing has been confirmed
NikkiSixx: but WOW, would that be a blast
Guest-137: As an aspiring musician,do you have any advice from your personal experience?
NikkiSixx: To be a musician, you need to do two things...
NikkiSixx: practice
NikkiSixx: and learn the legal system
Guest-378: Assuming you've heard about Randy Blythe over seas in jail , do you have an opinion on the situation?
NikkiSixx: Yes, I have been folloing what's going on in the news with Randy
NikkiSixx: and I think it's completely ridiculous
NikkiSixx: I don't know him but I wish the best for him
andracpa: I became closer to 50 than 40 this year but after seeing how awesome you look I don't feel worried about aging anymore. How do you keep looking so youthful?
NikkiSixx: I always looked forward to being 50, 60 and 70
NikkiSixx: because I think you only get better and better
NikkiSixx: stronger and stronger
NikkiSixx: if you work at it
NikkiSixx: I know many musicians half my age that can't keep up with me
NikkiSixx: but it does take work
Guest-104: How often do you really shower/bathe? (had to ask, hahaha)
NikkiSixx: I actually showered just for this chat
Guest-143: What's your favorite food?
NikkiSixx: Italian food first
NikkiSixx: Indian and sushi second
NikkiSixx: and Ruffles potato chips third
Guest-285: "Smoking in the Boy's Room" - did you really do that?
NikkiSixx: Everybody knows that Smokin ain't allowed in school
Guest-419: Are you working on another book? Your last two books have inspired me and I cant wait to see what else you have going on in your head. Smiley Happy
NikkiSixx: Yes, I'll release many more books.
NikkiSixx: I love writing and I love taking on different subjects
NikkiSixx: the opportunities are wide open
Guest-612: Hey Nikki, if you were going to die in the electric chair, what song would you want playing in the background while you fried?
NikkiSixx: Electric Guru by T-Rex
Guest-597: Is Motley Crue ever going to do a residency in Vegas again? I flew from Philly to see you guys for your residency in February, and let me just say that that was the best time of my life!!!!!! I went to two of the shows back to back! I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel for that whole week just to see all things Motley...It was my heaven Smiley Happy I was right in front on your side of the stage both nights...I can now say that my life is complete Smiley Happy Thank you for the guitar pick and Fiji water bottle Smiley Happy
NikkiSixx: We had a blast in Vegas and it's something we would consider doing again
NikkiSixx: it was great to be the first rock band to ever do it
Guest-291: What do you think about the new little groups who are trying to come alive again the 80's glam? Much love from a young fan in Spain Smiley Happy
NikkiSixx: Everything always circles back around
NikkiSixx: and seeing bands mix fashion with music has always been my favorite
NikkiSixx: so I love seeing new bands going down that road
mystikflame: you should think about doing a video chat like DJ has in the past. would you do that? Also thank you for pointing and smiling at us in Cheyenne. It was my first Crue concert, and I didn't want it to end.
NikkiSixx: I wanted to do a video chat, but I can't figure out how to make it work
NikkiSixx: I am not the most tech savvy guy on earth
Guest-448: Hey nikki! speaking of aerosmith, i love the foreword you wrote for joeys book... so whats your favorite aerosmith song?
NikkiSixx: Thank you and "Dream On"
Guest-235: I'm the girl who gave you a skeleton key in the Dallas book signing and I just want to apologize for not speaking much, I got nervous, haha, now for the questions, how does mick inspire you?
NikkiSixx: He inspires me because he doesn't quit when things get hard
NikkiSixx: people could learn a lot from that lesson
Guest-522: Will you tour with Black Veil Brides in sometime in the future? And I hope to see you in September in Camden!
NikkiSixx: We had them open for us in Europe with Slash
Guest-256: hey nikkii love it that you guys did a vip this year what made you do it this year and not last year?
NikkiSixx: We've been saying no to VIP packages for years
NikkiSixx: but fans really, really wanted it
NikkiSixx: and w're excited to meet a lot of people this summer
Guest-452: Have you seen 'Rock of Ages', if so did you like it? Smiley Wink ahaha
NikkiSixx: A rock version of Glee is not okay with me
Guest-122: When is Tommy going to start doing some of his sick drum solos again?
NikkiSixx: Tommy will be doing a drum solo this summer
Guest-501: Hello Nikki, in here it's 4am in saturday Smiley Very Happy Gimme your best life advice? And what do you think about that band Reckless Love? And hope that you did have awesome time in Helsinki.. Ps, you're one most amazing person I know and this is big thing for me that I've chance to ask something for you. (: ♥ I had best time in your gig, and can wait that can see you again. Thank you so much.
NikkiSixx: Thanks for staying up. I love Helsinki and, I imagine if you look outside your window right now, the sun is probably bright!
Guest-513: Congratulations on your 11 year sobriety "birthday" Do you think that you were given a 2nd chance at life to make the impact that you have had on other peoples lives that struggle with sobriety?
NikkiSixx: Thank you. It really is just one day at a time
NikkiSixx: not to sound like a cliche, but that's how it happens
Guest-105: How do you want your music to effect people?,
NikkiSixx: I want them to feel something…anything...
NikkiSixx: whether they hate us or love us, don't just be okay with us
NikkiSixx: there's enough BS bands out there to feel that way about
Guest-750: Hello Mr.. Sixx, how do you feel about touring with KISS? Also what are your opinions on new bands? Do you think glam metal may return? Last question, sorry to bother you Mr. Sixx, but when will "Sex" be released?

NikkiSixx: We're really excited about co-headlining with KISS
NikkiSixx: we know the fans are really excited
NikkiSixx: and it's going to be nothing but hits from beginning to end
NikkiSixx: we're also excited about a band that's coming out and opening the tour called The Treatment
NikkiSixx: I recommend looking them up because their music is really, really good
Guest-470: What do you think about fans giving you gifts at shows? DO you like getting roses?
NikkiSixx: I actually really like it when fans throw flowers up on stage...
NikkiSixx: so thank you
andracpa: I've always wondered - is the song "10 seconds to love" about, um, finishing a little too soon? Love that song and how it kind of has that grinding sexual sound to it...will see you 7/28 in Tampa Smiley Happy -Andra
NikkiSixx: I think the song "10 Seconds to Love" is pretty self explanatory
NikkiSixx: you could always Google the lyrics
NikkiSixx: or ask your girlfriend
Guest-130: What's one Crue song you wish you played in your live shows more often? Mine is "knock em D** kid"
NikkiSixx: We actually do play that live every now and then
NikkiSixx: and I love playing Red Hot
Guest-693: i'd like to know if there's any chance of brides of destruction play together again? and when motley will come back to brazil ?
NikkiSixx: No, I had fun on that one record
Guest-436: where is tim luzzi?
NikkiSixx: He's a school teacher now
Guest-218: What decade do you think was the best for rock n roll?
NikkiSixx: The 70s
NikkiSixx: Best songwriters…best performers...
Guest-544: Do you have any advice on raising teenagers?
NikkiSixx: Get on your knees and pray
NikkiSixx: and put the sharp instruments away
Guest-260: You inspired me to start photography, what inspired you? (you didn't answer back my first question... :/ )
NikkiSixx: It was not so much photographers that inspired me as life…and wanting to capture it
NikkiSixx: Looks like that's it, we've run out of time
NikkiSixx: I want to thank everyone for being here
NikkiSixx: you can always reach me on Facebook Http://
NikkiSixx: or on twitter at @nikkisixx
NikkiSixx: and follow me on Instagram at NikkiSixx666
Dorothy-BBY: Yay thanks Nikki!
NikkiSixx: Thank you guys
NikkiSixx: have a great weekend!
Dorothy-BBY: This rocked!
Marti-BBY: Hey Nikki...thanks soooo much!!!

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Re: Nikki Sixx: Live Chat Transcript

Im so scared to talk to you and I don`t know why...

But hey I gotta do it because the fact that I can now I will.

How are you and how is your life going?

What made you wanna do a new band and what`s your favorite color?