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New Steelbook release questions



I'm wondering when the pre-sale for Wonder Woman 84, Justice League (Snyder Cut), and Mandalorian Season 1 (and 2) might show up on the Best Buy website?


Steelbooks are usually hard to get for some titles, but are generally available for pre-order as soon as the movie hits the theater.


Wonder Woman 84 has been out for over a month and there isn't even a listing for the regular 4K title on the Best Buy site. Any Best Buy empolyees that could possibly offer some insight?




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Re: New Steelbook release questions

I think the availbility of these movies and a pre-order is changed right now.


The studios are trying to get as many people as possible to rent the movie for $20 so they can increase their revenue on the cost of making the movie.


I tend to believe most major titles comign to theaters will be in the same situation as Wonder Woman '84.  

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Re: New Steelbook release questions

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Hi there, bcdub.

Thanks for your post to our Best Buy Community Forums. I’m excited for the them to come out as well, so I understand your interest.

While we cannot  confirm any availability of upcoming products, we encourage you to watch for any listings.

Thank you!


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Re: New Steelbook release questions

You guys should have some kind of sign-up for new release items. Checking the site weekly is kind of a drag.