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Media suppliers

Heya BBY corporate folks.  I just have a quick question on the supply chains.


I'm a huge fan of video games and anime which I know are part of a niche market.  Generally, Best Buy carries most releases, but I've noticed that the company doesn't carry any from NIS America and Aniplex of America (except for used versions of the games).  Is there a reason for this?  NIS is one of the few suppliers of non-AAA games that originate in Japan and manage to make their way to the shores of North America.  And Aniplex tends to pick up some of, if not most of, the biggest titles in anime (generally collector's editions). 


Sadly, I tend to have to turn my money over to Amazon,, and Gamestop for these items.  I dropped $225 on the 3 Puella Magi Madoka Magica blu-ray volumes and am about to donate a kidney for the 2 volumes of Fate/Zero at about $700.  Having the option to put those on the 6/18 months no interest sounds a lot more appealing, though.  Any info on if BBY will ever carry titles from them again?