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Matt's Picks: Week of March 17th

I’ll be honest; it’s not usually the major releases each week that I’m the most excited for, but for the week of 3/17 that’s a bit different. We’ve got some titles being released on 3/19 and some on 3/22, making this week even more awesome! What is better than two days of new releases?



Justin Timberlake will be releasing this third album, The 20/20 Experience. This is the first new material we’ve heard from JT since 2006. For anyone that has read some of my other past picks, this is probably a release you weren’t expecting me to highlight. I’m a bit surprised myself, but after watching him perform some of his new songs, “Suit & Tie” and “Mirrors,” on various shows over the past month or so, I’m really looking forward to this album! Who knows, I may even throw on a suit & tie to head into Best Buy on Tuesday to get my copy!


Low will be releasing their tenth album, The Invisible Way. This Duluth, MN band has been around since 1993, and has a very mellow and minimalist sound, with great vocal harmonies. Being a Minnesota native I’ll admit I’m a bit partial to bands from my home state, although I hadn’t heard much of their music until their 2007 release, Drums and Guns. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to see them perform live, and I can’t wait to hear this new release.


Marnie Stern will be releasing her fourth album, The Chronicles of Marnia. She’s got a unique rock sound bordering on experimental, but it’s a sound that I really enjoy. I first heard her with her second album that has a title that is a bit of a mouthful. Ready for it? This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and Tha.... Now that you’re done processing that, head on over to and check out some samples from her first album, In Advance of the Broken Arm.



Les Miserables, the three-time Academy Award winner, will be hitting DVD, Blu-ray, and Exclusive Steelbook Blu-ray on Friday, 3/22. Starring, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathoway, it is a musical film based on the musical play of the same name, which is based on the Victor Hugo novel. I never got around to seeing this film in theaters, so I’m really excited for its release. This film is PG-13, and you can view the trailer here.


This Is 40, a Judd Apatow comedy, will also be released on 3/22. This film stars Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow, and Jason Segel. Advertised as “The Sort-of Sequel to Knocked Up,” it takes a look at the lives of Pete (Rudd) and Debbie (Mann) a few years after the events of Knocked Up. As a fan of many other Apatow films, I’m definitely going to check this one out. It will be available on DVD and Blu-ray, and is rated R. You can view the trailer here.


What is everybody else looking forward to? Did anyone pick up any other great new releases recently?


*Release dates are subject to change. Not all titles are carried or available in all stores

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