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Lord of the Rings (BluRay/DVD) Extended Edition

I just purchased the 15-disc "Lord of the Rings" BluRay/DVD trilogy today at Best Buy because it was on sale for $39.99 (actually, I got it for $29.99 because I had $10 of Rewards Zone even a better price for me).  Some reviewers on Best Buy and mentioned that the 15-disc set also came with digital copy codes.  Mine did not.  Maybe this is because the codes expired in June 2012?  I was just curious if I really should have been expecting codes in my 15-disc at least try to see if they still worked...or was this "by design" now that the offer appears to have expired?

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Re: Lord of the Rings (BluRay/DVD) Extended Edition

Not 100% sure, but I recall that there were 2 versions. One with digital copies and another without it last year. I never bought it so I can't tell you from personal fact. I just remember people talking about it on forums during last years Black Friday.