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Lorax 3D Bluray

I had a bad experience today trying to get Lorax 3D + Finger Puppet + U&S coupon at the advertised sale price of $24.99.

The store tried to ring all up but it the finger puppet promo ($5) and the U&S coupon kept nulling each other out. They said there wasn't anything they could do. Sounds like a "bait & switch" scam to me. I didn't feel like making a scene since I was late for a doctor's appointment but they really need to fix they computers to do the sales right when they advertise them. Next time I will take my business to Target.

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Re: Lorax 3D Bluray

The U&S does say it is not valid with any package. This is why the system didn't know how to do it. You are right that since they advertised it, someone should have simply overrode the prices to be correct. I hope that now that you posted about it, a connector can get it fixed for you and others. No not everytime somebody messes up or a system messes up is it bait and switch. It is simply a computer error. Someone should be along to make sure you can get this offer normally in 3-5 business days.

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