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Joshua Bell- At Home With Friends CD

Josh Bell's newest CD,"At home with friends" is a compliation of songs as if he was sitting around his home with friends and striking up an impromptu song. I give this CD a mixed rating. Love some and leave some other songs. I love the song with Sting, "Come Again".  The vocals are matching the violin not the other way around and it shows a new aspect to both of their talents. The volume differences within the songs is hard to grasp. I was hoping it would be a "dinner party" CD, one that plays in the background of a dinner party. Unfortunately, the volume differs from song to song that I found myself turning it down and then turning it back up. If you aren't a violin fan, give this CD a try and you may find out that afterall you are a fan!

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Re: Joshua Bell- At Home With Friends CD

Joshua Bell's, “At Home With Friends”, is a favorite when it comes to instrumental music. This album features vocal and instrumental duets. It has favorites, like Regina Spektor, Marvin Hamlisch, Sting, Chris Botti, and others. Joshua Bell is a Grammy Award-winning violinist. I loved “My Funny Valentine”. He performs it with Kristin Chenoweth. And to hear Sting on a classical like “Come Again” was a pleasant surprise. This collection of instrumental music is wonderful for a relaxing evening with a date or when you just want some soft mood music. It has a great arrangement of vocals along with piano and violin. It will improve any bad mood and I recommend it for all ages.