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Jaws Blu-ray purchase

Dear Best Buy,


Let me get straight to the point...


Yesterday, I ordered the Jaws Best Buy Exclusive Blu-ray via Store Pickup. The process was smooth but when I got to the store, they handed me a copy of the standard edition of the movie which is on sale for 17.99 and what's even more distressing is that they charged my card at the higher Exclusive Edition price of 24.99. The two movies clearly have different SKUs but they insisted it was the correct price and that they couldn't do anything about it. Is there not a system in place where the customer shouldn't be charged if it's the wrong item?


And then there's this story which doesn't help the situation:


Really?! First of all, if I order a particular item, I expect to get that exact item. And second, don't charge the customer, especially if the price is higher than it is.



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Re: Jaws Blu-ray purchase

I know how you feel. I preordered a game months in advance because I liked Best Buy's bonus item better than Gamestop's. The BB I preordered from was about 30 minutes away, so I made sure to call them and ask if they still had my copy. The girl on the phone came back after putting me on hold and said it is there. I get there 1 hour later and there are no copies left. Mine was sold to someone else. I ask to talk to a manager and said that he was sorry that this happened. Was told to leave my info and that someone would call me as soon as more got in. Yeah, I'll believe that. They had some in stock (preordered mind you) and they still didn't keep it behind the counter or in a separate area. No gift card for my troubles except for an apology. I exclusively buy all preorders through Amazon now. If the item isn't going to arrive, they email you ahead of time and even credit your account with $10-20 off your next order. Probably the best customer service of any retailer I've ever seen.

On a related story, I went into a local Best Buy at 2pm on Tuesday and was shocked that they were out of both versions of Jaws. I then go to my phone and look at other stores. Sold out everywhere. I find out that this store only got 5 copies of the exclusive Bluray edition. Ever since that other company went out of business, Best Buy has slowly been getting worse. DVDs and Blurays on sale dumped into cylindrical bins with no order to them at all. Some new releases in one aisle along with older releases, while other new releases on endcaps. No structure whatsoever. It's like a scavenger hunt any time I stop in looking for a Bluray. I still find it hilarious that they only had 5 copies of a popular exclusive movie on release day.
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Re: Jaws Blu-ray purchase

The computer system should not allow the sale to happen if copies are supposed to be reserved for pre-orders. Sure you'll be rubbing off the customer but, it'll serve as a heads up to take them off the shelves and you'll limit yourself to just that one dissatisfied customer instead of however many didn't get their pickup.
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Re: Jaws Blu-ray purchase

This is exactly why I don't do Store Pickup on items that have multiple versions.  I am always afraid that the worker will get in a hurry and accidently grab the wrong item.  I was tempted due to the $10 promotion with $50 purchases for in-store pick up, but didn't want to risk getting the regular version like the OP.


I ended up getting 2 copies of the digibook.  I wasn't going to take any chances, so I preordered for shipping on 8/13, and then I went to the store when it opened the next day.  I checked the new release section and it didn't have any, so I walked around the corner to check if they stocked it in the regular area and there was 4 copies at the stores opening time.  So I bought another copy just in case something happened with my order.