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Irony - How many Disc's are in the Sherlock Holmes Collection SKU:25418604?

In this weeks ad in the movie section there is an Item which if I wasn't paying attention too it; 

It might have slipped by me as well. 

In the weekly ad it says Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Series [2 Discs] [Blu-ray].

The picture in the ad says it is "12 Discs".

Am I the only one wh see the Irony in this disconnect?

The video is about a detective who was meticulous in his attention to detail.

The picture of the box says "12" Disc's (in 2 places).

The verbage in the ad says "2 Disc's" (in 2 places). 

So what exactly might I expect to arrive in the mail; as this item is NOT available for in -store pick-up?

2 Disc's? 12 Disc's? Split the difference at 6 Disc's? 

My attention to detail is nowhere near that of Mr. Holmes, but the Quantity is in error in at least (2) places.


It is just an "observation" (and the nuns at the orphanage said I never paid attention) Smiley Surprised

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Re: Irony - How many Disc's are in the Sherlock Holmes Collection SKU:25418604?

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Hello Knot_Chew,


Welcome to The Mystery of the Quality of the Quantity, a Sherlock Holmes adventure.


The difference between two and 12 is ten, which is not an inconsiderable sum as you have so astutely and ably indicated, my good sir. Let it be known that we shall be ever endeavorous to provide the most accurate information, so look into this we shall.


But for one minor misgiving: the stock keeping unit to which you refer regrettably returns no results when searched on the dotcom of Best Buy. Nor could it be found in the most current of weekly ads displayed quite publicly to one and all. If you should deign to provide a more accurate pointer to this product, I will begin at once to resolve this most heinous crime. 


Or, more correctly, attempt to perfect the erroroneous entry. Thank you ever so much for letting us know of your discovery.



John|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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