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Horror Movie of the Week: Week 3

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Week 3


It’s sad to think that the month is already half over, and we’re well on our way to celebrating Halloween! Speaking of, this week’s Horror Movie of the Week shares the same name: Halloween. From horror movie director John Carpenter comes perhaps one of the most iconic slasher movies of all time, and the movie that launched Jamie Lee Curtis’s career. This film follows Michael Myers, a psychotic killer, as he escapes from a mental institution (that he was put in for murdering his entire family, except his baby sister) and his unstoppable obsession with Curtis’s character, Laurie Strode.

There’s been several sequels and a few remakes since Carpenter's original in 1978, and the details of the story haven’t always remained the same which allows for new interest with each release. While I enjoyed Rob Zombie’s take on the story in 2007, in 2018, the original story returned by surprise, but seemed to erase its own sequels (how very X-Men of them). It picked up the story decades after the first installment with Strode being a recluse attempting to reconnect with her estranged family, only for Michael to make his inevitable escape and continue his hunt. I was incredibly excited about this release, and am excited to see what comes from the upcoming additions to this particular story over the next few years.


As one of the classic slasher films, if you haven't seen these, I would 10/10 recommend it! 


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