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Horror Film Shorts to Alter Your Mind

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As a teenager, I loved being scared. I was all about enjoying a blood-curdling scream from someone, and even at times from myself. If there were a category for a guy as a B-movie screamer, I’d make a good one. But I wanted something different than any of the other movies that I’d see so far.

Fast-forward a bit to 2006, when I came across independent movie studio After Dark Films while shopping at Best Buy. I think it may have been during Halloween, and they were advertising for their annual film festival called Horrorfest. In one promotion, they promised that the films they produced would unsettle even the fiercest horror lover, touting the series After Dark Horrorfest: Films to Die For, and I was all in!

As with any series of movies, there were some top-notch ones that I really liked, and one or two, not so much. With titles like Unrest, Wicked Little Things, Reincarnation, and The Gravedancers, I went through the full series.  I didn’t care what my neighbors would have been thinking about the kind of shrieks that were emanating from my apartment! I was enjoying myself, huddled on my couch in the dark.

       Reincarnation         Unrest         Wicked Little Things - The Gravedancers


                      Reincarnation                                                   Unrest                             Wicked Little Things / The Gravedancers      




                                                          It Chapter Two

                                                                      It: Chapter Two

In present day, it seems that I’ve repeated that experience of stumbling upon some films that feed my need to be 'scurred'. Here is where I suggest that you go and watch Alter, where three new videos are available each week. These short horror films are so well done, with lengths ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. So, you can easily watch a bunch of them and get a little jumpy.

As I was scrolling through the various Alter videos, “Kookie” caught my attention because it had an evil-looking clown as the video thumbnail, and I recently watched IT: Chapter Two which has Pennywise the clown terrorizing the town of Derry, ME and It’s children. Follow my logic?  Anyway, this short is about a naughty little girl that doesn’t listen to her mother when she says, “Bree, no more cookies!”


There are a bunch of these horror film shorts to enjoy. So, settle in, and turn off all your lights because you’re about to be ALTERed.

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