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Halloween is Coming: The ABCs of Horror, part 4

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G is for ghost

Alone and in pairs

They make all the creaking

You hear from upstairs


Okay, so what if the image says "poltergeist," those are still ghosts. Ghosts in German. My favorite movies with "ghost" in the title don't really count as horror, so there you have it. I love stories about these ethereal beings, trapped between worlds, wreaking havoc, and flashing back to making pottery (also not horror). Come to think of it, there are far more romances about ghosts than there are horror films. Nevermind, I guess.


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H is for Heck

That place down below

Where those who've been evil

So surely do go


This is a family forum. I'm not going to be the one to say the H-word. But anyway, there are lots of movies that deal with this infernal location and it's condemned inhabitants. Houses are named after this dispicable place. There are Mouths that go there. Depending upon who you talk to, it's very hot or very cold, but everyone agrees that it is not the preferred eternal vacation destination. At all. Ever.



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I is for IT

A beast without name

A creature from space

A clown from a drain


If you search for "it" you get only one result. This. Stephen King's IT is one of the finest (and longest) novels I've ever read. It's characters are fascinating, Pennywise is terrifying, and the whole story is epic in the truly epic sense of the word. I was skeptical that a film could be made of this masterpiece, but I was wrong to be. The miniseries is a screaming success (pun intended) that will leave you breathless.


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