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Halloween is Coming: The ABCs of Horror, part 3

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So, the weekend was horrifying as all truly great weekends are and I've only just recovered from fighting evil in the Tri-State area. Time for another chapter in our ongoing saga, The ABCs of Horror!



D is for Dead

All day and all night

These brain-eating fiends

Will give you a fright!


There are so very many variations on the undead these days, but it all goes back to the classic horror of George Romero's zombie movies. In them, the undead stagger and swagger with the certainty of a single purpose: carnage and mayhem. Two purposes. In addition to the initial classic, Night of the Living Dead, there are numerous sequels just begging for popcorn and squeals of delight...I mean, terror. I always thought the ultimate sequel would have been Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Living Dead, Part 6: Part II: Another New Beginning, Again. Braaaaaiiiiinssssss!


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E is for Exorcist

Savior and priest

He's who you call

To cast out beast


There is a truly terrifying aspect to demonic possession -- well, all of them really -- that I often consider: the prospect of being controlled by another entity, being a prisoner in one's own body while a creature of unspeakable evil wreaks havoc. This prospect alone is chilling enough, but for the object of such an event to be a young girl compounds the horror immeasurably. I shudder just thinking about it.


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F is Frankenstein

From lightning he rises

The bane of the villagers

In all of his guises


Possibly the greatest undead monster of all time, Frankenstein's monster was cobbled together from the less spoiled components of numerous corpses, came to life, killed people and, well, why spoil it. Along with the Wolfman, Dracula, and The Invisible Man, Frankenstein (who was bestowed with the name of his creator) became one of the foremost pop culture touchstones of the last 100 years. If you've never seen the original film, it needs to be at the top of your list. The horror genre is defined by this masterpiece.


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