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Halloween is Coming: The ABCs of Horror, part 2

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Welcome to Part Two of the continuing month of madness, mayhem, and candied apples! In the installment we will consider the letter C.



C is for Cabin

Alone in the Woods

If you want scary

This film's got the goods


There are many common themes in horror that recur over and over again in repeating iterations (how's that for redundancy?). There is the supernatural serial killer, the vengeful poltergiest, hateful aliens, the haunted ship and, well, the cabin in the woods. These have all become pop culture touchstones with names (Freddie and Jason, for example) or locations on a map (like Amityville or Texas). Cabin in the Woods knits these archetypical tropes together into a seamless tapestry of horror, leaving no theme untouched -- and reinventing some of them for post-millennial sentimentalities. I can't recommend this movie enough for it's fresh take on a tried-and-true genre. For a more in depth critique of the film, I highly recommend my friend Bill's review.


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Because we've previously talked about the Cabin, here's a bonus "C" for you:




C is for Constantine

Detective and mage

Dispeller of demons

At the end of the Age


When I told my coworkers I was working on "C" today, Constantine came up immediately. Now, I liked the movie quite a bit for a lot of reasons. Keanu and Tilda gave pretty good turns in their roles and the film is beautifully shot. Pay attention to the use of color, for example. It's exquisite and illuminating. But some disparagement came from my peers who had read the graphic novel on which the movie was based. I think they used the word "abomination" to describe it, so your mileage may definitely vary on this one.


Nah, it's really good!


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Re: The ABCs of Horror, part 2

Seeing The Cabin in the Woods for the first time is one of the greatest experiences I've had watching any movie.  The marketing around it was so genius, too!  It's one of the more clever and ridiculous stories in horror, and I went along for the entire ride.  

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