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Halloween is Coming: The ABCs of Horror, part 1

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Well, the season is again upon us, the time of the year when all the boys and girls get out their festive apparel and roam the countryside, far and wide, in search of treats, tricks, laughs, and scares. In many households, including mine, the arrival of October coincides with an epic film festival in my living room. For 31 glorious nights, the spirits roam freely and the aroma of popcorn wafts upon the spine-chiling breeze.


Prepare yourself, my friends and fiends, for the ABCs of Horror:



A is for Alien

Creepy and black

Waiting in darkness

To launch its attack


One of the finest horror films ever made, Alien stands as a landmark in horror movie history, and not just because it was terrifying. It brings home the best of the horror monster genre, what goes bump in the darkness is always something horrid, something dangerous and, after 1979, something with glass teeth and acid for blood. I get shivers just thinking about it.


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B is for Body

And Snatchers thereof

Could they be from pods

That came from above


What is more insidious than an extraterrestrial invasion? Well, that's when the monsters have our very own faces, over very own lives, and the keys to our homes, cars and destinies. Invasion of the Body Snatchers is so gripping and horrifying that it was made three times! While it's arguable that the first is the best in all of its 1956 black-and-white-ness, the 1978 and 1993 (creepily out of print, alas) versions both brought fresh thrills and chills to the party, including stellar pod-castmembers including Donald Sutherland and Leonard Nimoy. Don't worry my frightening friends: it's not a pod. It won't hurt you...


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What is your favorite horror flick?

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