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Ghost in the Invisible Bikini 1966 film

Cat Sad I have been informed that the only place to find the 1966 Nancy Sinatra flick Ghost in the Invisible Bikini was here at yet when I searched for it nothing came up at all. Does anyone know if BB is the only source for this old chestnut from the beach flick 60s era? This one includes appearances by the masters of old shock horror films- Karloff, Lugosi and Rathbone as well as biker freak leader Harvey Lembeck! Amazon has it but on a two fer DVD with Ghost of Phantom Hollow. It's been my experience that two fer videos are poorer quality than singles. Just to be safe though I will order the two fer DVD just in case. Thanks for any assistance guys and ladies- keimanzeroHeart films a lot and my collection is in the thousands. I don't rent though, just collect.