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Re: Favorite movie – just one! :-)

Nice one @WritingPaperSuc

Have you picked up the new UHD release of Interstellar yet? Stunning detail, not just in the scenes shot on 15-perf/70mm IMAX film but the entire thing, already looked great on Blu-ray but the UHD takes it to another level.

I love Chris Nolan's approach to cinema, I really dislike how the Avengers movies are being advertised as "shot entirely on IMAX cameras" when they're referring to the new digital ArrIMAX camera shot at 1.90:1 AR instead of IMAX's full frame AR of 1.43:1

Sounds like a new Nolan movie will be hitting IMAX screens in summer 2020, if you have an IMAX with Laser location near you, that's the way to see it!