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Do not order pre-orders from Best Buy!!

I ordered the pre-order for 21 jump street on June 20, the movie was released on the 26th but they sent an email stating it was backordered. So now I am not going to have my movire until 1 1/2 weeks after release.  Why would you offer a pre-order if you cant gurantee shipment on the release day? Dont tell me your vendor is the problem either, it is Best Buys fault for offering a pre-order without knowing thier inventory numbers. I can see this is a common occurrence with best Buy pre-orders,  so I am just going to order off in the future. I have lost a great deal of confidence in your company after this idiotic mistake on your part.  For everyone else's sake, if you want a smooth pre-ordering experience go anywhere else besides




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Re: Do not order pre-orders from Best Buy!!

To each their own.  My pre-orders have always been available the day of release. 

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Re: Do not order pre-orders from Best Buy!!

They need to make changes to the pre-order system across the board both in-store & online for games too. Hopefully, they have people working on making it better. I'd like to see them expand on to a bigger focus with media & pre-orders would be a huge part of it's success.
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Re: Do not order pre-orders from Best Buy!!

It's also easier of you pre order more than a week ahead.
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