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Do digital transfers of analog recordings contain "warmth"? And what is this " warmth"?

Okay, i just got the Simon and Garfunkel's Greatest Hits CD from the Goodwill and I thought it sounded pretty good on my first listen. I looked around a bit and noticed on the insert cover it says that "This recording has been digitally transferred onto compact disc to obtain the best possible reproduction from the original master. Because of its high resolution, however, the compact disc can reveal limitations of the tape source." So anyways, I listened to some songs a few times and noticed that some instruments were a little distorted and not that clean, but very "bright" and heavy felt. Is this warmth? I then listened to the album on Tidal which I believe all albums on Tidal are remasters and I heard that the instruments were more clear (Most noticeable on 'The Boxer') but it lacked that feeling which I felt and heard on the original CD. It completely ruined the music for me. I also never heard the original vinyl so I don't have a comparison between analog and digital.

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Re: Do digital transfers of analog recordings contain "warmth"? And what is this " wa

probably means it was a poor copy to the CD 


Tidal strives to acquire better music sources for their premium accounts.  So the sound quality is there.  


If you were to rip a CD and highest and lowest qualities you would hear differences.


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