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Dark Knight Rises it sold out?

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When I first heard about Best Buy carrying a steelbook version of the movie, I wanted to add it to the rest of my collection, but all I ever saw was 'Coming Soon' and now it's no longer available on the site. Was this item sold out? discontinued? or will I be able to purchase/preorder it in-store?


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Re: Dark Knight Rises it sold out?

I went and started to look into it for you. From what I gathered, it would be this link.


Looks liked they updated the link to the one I posted so it's probably why the old one you provided is gone. And from I gathered, this is the Steelbook page and I guess the only difference is before the item was listed with "Reborn" (I guess a special feature exlclusive to Best Buy?). This listing doesn't mention that (not sure if this Reborn is still included).


I know it doesn't say steelbook anywhere in that link. Does say "Bby" next to the title which in my experience means a Best Buy Exclusive and as far as I know, the steelbook is suppose to be BBY exclusive in America.

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Re: Dark Knight Rises it sold out?

Hello bcuzicno1!


Thanks for the great question! I know I’m really excited for The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray and know how much people love the Steelbook versions. Bumcats did find the correct link to what will be replacing the link you provided, and teams are working on making sure the product information is updated for the new link.



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Re: Dark Knight Rises it sold out?

Any update on this?  It still doesn't say steelbook anywhere.  If I pre-order online I want to make sure it's the steelbook.