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DVD Question

I'm trying to order a dvd offline and I am coming accross this a lot - widescreen dubbed subtitle ac3- does any one know what that means? does it just mean it has subtitles that can be put on? It's an american film so I don't know why they would emphasize that.  thanks in advance for any help

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Re: DVD Question

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Re: DVD Question

Hello zoovixen,

What the description is telling you is that the particular movie you're looking at is, first of all, going to be shown in theatrical widescreen format.  "Full screen" format is where the movie has been reformatted to fit a traditionally-shaped 4:3-ratio TV.  Most people with a new LCD or plasma TV will probably choose the widescreen format because it makes best use of the TV screen real estate.

"Dubbed" indicates that the movie may have been originally recorded in another language, such as Japanese for anime movie titles, and that the original language has been recorded over in another language, usually English in the United States.  "Subtitle" tells you that the movie has an option for onscreen text dialogue in other languages.  So you could watch the movie in the original language and see it translated in text on the screen.

The last cryptic detail, "AC-3," is telling you that the sound is by Dolby Digital and contains up to six discreet sound channels, useful if you have a surround sound audio system in your home theater.

I hope this helps!

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