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Constant Damaged SteelBooks Delivered

I would you to pass along this feedback to your logistics department. I know that I’m not alone on this, and I speak for many people. For those of us that collect SteelBooks and order them online to be shipped have become increasingly frustrated and concerned and would like to have the failure of carefully packaging these collectibles fixed as soon as possible. It is a 60% chance that the SteelBooks we received are damaged and this is all due to the way the product is packaged and shipped. These come dented, scratched, and are not in any condition to display. Many we cannot exchange because they are sold out and a great amount do not return to stock.
An example of how they are packed is the last two shipments one had two SteelBooks in a thin bubble bag. Both were dented and scratched due to no no separation of the products from each other and the bag was way too thin and must have been hit against the shelves or other metal of the delivery trucks. The send come in a box with the air fillers, but not enough. The box was also too big for the product that it moved a lot and scratched the product. These are but a few examples of the thousands of reported damaged collectibles (see the Reddit community r/SteelBooks). We are surprised when there is no damage and not when there is, that’s how bad the situation is. You are the only US distributor of these products. We have to go to the UK or buy at much higher prices on eBay to find and receive products in collectible condition.
Please, please share this and emphasize that these are collectibles in limited amounts and at a fair amount of times CANNOT be exchanged.Let me know if you need more feedback from others to make an actual difference here.
Thank you.
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Re: Constant Damaged SteelBooks Delivered

If you have feedback regarding the packaging I encourage you and other people who have these complaints to post to IDEA X and start a new thread on this to add suggestions for better packaging.

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