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Community Season 3

Community Season 3 is listed on your advertisement for the week but unavailable to purchase online. When can I expect its availability? 

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Re: Community Season 3

It's likely that copies are only kept in store if it's not giving options on the website.  However, I'm on the page for it, and I can place an order no problem from the website.  May have just been an update issue when you checked it out.

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Re: Community Season 3

Hey cweber3410,


I apologize for any disappointment you may have experienced when you were unable to purchase Season 3 of Community on  As Dval mentioned, it appears that it is currently available on for purchas here,


I hope this helps, but please feel welcome to reach out to me with any additional questions.  You can do this by posting on this thread or by logging into the forums and clicking on the “Private Message” link near my name below.

Have a great weekend,

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