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Blurays cost less than regular DVDs

Seems like lately, some bluray titles are cheaper than the ones in the regular dvd format. I thought it would be the other way around.

For example, in the 10/14 ad: The Dictator Bluray is listed On Sale for 9.99 (4.99 with Upgrade and Save coupon) yet the standard DVD release is still listed as 19.99.

Shouldn't the standard DVD release be the same price as the bluray or cheaper???


Frequently in the ad, standard DVD releases are about $5 cheaper than bluray ones but for some reason lately, that hasn't been the case. Now, I don't own a bluray player and I don't intend to buy one in the future but, the pricing of the standard dvd titles stink.

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Re: Blurays cost less than regular DVDs

Blu-rays are NOT cheaper to make or produce. DVD's are super cheap. What you are not understanding is they are pushing blu-rays to remove DVD's from the market place. While currently people are starting to switch over to blu-ray they are phasing out DVD's which is why the price is now higher.



Blu-rays are still more expensive than DVDs per disc by a lot.

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