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Blu-rays unavailable on release date

I've noticed a number of blu-ray movies being unavailable in the stores on their release dates. For example, Blade, Blade Trinity, and Pale Rider were all reissued and released yesterday; however, none of BB stores here carries any of these (I checked 5 different stores). The new version of Pale Rider was removed off of the BB website (and it was there a couple weeks ago), and Blade/Trinity already has a backorder. I've noticed this happens quite frequently with any reissued movie (when Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D was re-released on Blu-ray 3D, none of the stores had this in stock until months later when it became a $19.99 movie).


Do these movies have to be purchased elsewhere, or does BB ever plan to have reissued titles in stores on their release dates?


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Re: Blu-rays unavailable on release date

You'll find tha the majority of movies are sent to stores for the initial release if they're available so they typically go back-order from the website almost immediately.  If the item has an 8-digit SKU/item number, you'll never see it in stores.  7-digit means there should be at least one store that carries it/can be ordered. 

With these releases, the only thing I can think of is that the vendors didn't push out quantity to the company and/or the products may have been pulled due to some problem/infringement/etc...