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Batman 4K Film Collection HD/UHD Combo

I was hoping to purchase the Batman 4K HD/4K combo set, but unfortunately, it's only available in stores and my local Best Buy has sold out of it. I emailed my local Best Buy and they said:


It looks like it may be something that we no longer are going to carry. They maybe coming out with a new set. The best time to check for things like this is around the start of our holiday season. Like mid November.  We tend to carry a lot of different box sets for movies then.



Does anyone know what's going on with this set?

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Re: Batman 4K Film Collection HD/UHD Combo

Getting bundles of movies has changed a lot over the last few years.  


What they wrote you is more or less correct.  Combo sets are typically only gong to have higher availability during the holiday season and you can expect quantities will be limited.

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