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Greetings and Salutations.


I've been a proud member of Best Buy for 4 years now. Since the beginning of my journey in 2017, I've gained a lot of technology related passions. I started in Home Theater sales and quickly expanded to other areas. The thirst for knowledge had to be quenched. Then I moved from sales to In-Home installations as a Geek Squad Cadet. From there I decided it was time for a new path, so I moved to Best Buy Customer Care. Started as a call specialist and now I'm a proud member of our Social Media Care Team.


In my past time, I enjoy learning new things and expanding my everyday knowledge. I am also an avid gamer ever since I could hold a controller. I'm mainly an all around gamer, there aren't to many games I haven't or wouldn't play. Aside from that I am an aspiring musician, who knows his way around a guitar and piano. Mainly self-taught, but I have been playing for years. Now that I have an awesome Home Theater system, I am starting to become somewhat of a movie buff as well.


I'm excited to assist you and any needs you may have here on the Forums.


Let's Rock!

Trey|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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