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Technology has grown leaps and bounds just in my short life, and it’s amazing (and perhaps a bit terrifying) how its convenience is so depended upon in our everyday lives now. When I was in elementary school, we were using books and encyclopedias for research, but by the time I reached middle school it was all in Google’s hands. I remember when everyone had the “brick” Nokia cell phone and texting became a popular form of communication. Now, I can’t imagine what I would do without having a search engine, a GPS, a watch, and everything else smartphones provide right in my pocket!

As a Best Buy employee since 2012, I’m often the first person my friends and family turn to for tech and social media questions. I’m always looking at the various articles regarding new technology to keep up with what’s going on and being developed. Although, this only seems to lead to an unquenchable desire to try out the new tech for myself – luckily for my wallet I have a bit of self-control (sometimes). I also love to keep up with my various social media channels, and have even recently been teaching my oldest sister the ins-and-outs of Facebook and Instagram as she tries to catch up to her siblings in the realm of social media.


In my spare time, you can find me enjoying a variety of hobbies. Binge watching whatever current TV show I’m in the middle of or checking out the newest movies, reading (my favorite easily being the Harry Potter series), listening to music, snowboarding, and hiking with my husband and our corgi, Pippin (named after the hobbit in The Lord of the Rings) just to name a few.


I look forward to joining you in the conversation!

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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