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far cry 5 pre order question

on xbox one it says for season pass will also include far cry 3 i was wondering if i pre order the gold edition physical copy  from best buy will a code for far cry 3 be included?

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Re: far cry 5 pre order question

That should  be the case if you order the Gold Edition

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Re: far cry 5 pre order question

Hello paulhaqz, 

With the release of Far Cry 3 coming up in just over a month, I'm sure you're debating your options on which version best suits your desires! I'm glad to say that the Gold Edition should include all deluxe content, a steelBook case, the season pass, and early access to Far Cry® 3 Classic Edition based on the description. 

Cheers and happy gaming! 

Tasha|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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