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Yakuza 0 Stock

I was looking to purchase Yakuza 0 for PS4 and found it is not in stock at any stores or online.  Do you know when you will be getting more stock?

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Re: Yakuza 0 Stock

I would like to know this too.


I was planning to purchase it sometime this week.

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Re: Yakuza 0 Stock

Hey Guys,


Thanks for your interest in purchasing Yakuza 0 from Best Buy.


While I don't have any information about if/when we will get more physical copies in stock, I am happy to report we are carrying digital copies you can purchase today. Order now and you can enjoy the game this afternoon.


Yakuza 0 at Best Buy



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Re: Yakuza 0 Stock

Not really a good option...if thats the case, I might as well buy it from PSN itself since its the same price. The physical copies on Amazon and on Walmart sell for less.



Along with that the BB physical copy was also $40.

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Re: Yakuza 0 Stock

I too was planning to buy Yakuza 0 when it was on sale in January, but it was unavailable that week. Been wanting to buy a physical copy from Best Buy for over a month now. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Now it's out of stock.


Not interested in buying this game digitally, but still wanted to post my feedback and interest in buying a physical copy of this game. Hope it's not out of print. Thanks!