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Spiderman (PS4) Collector's Edition

Do we know when this item will be available for preorder?

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Re: Spiderman (PS4) Collector's Edition

Greetings Cinic,


Welcome to our forums! The collector’s edition of Spiderman was recently available for pre-order for a short time before we sold out. At this time we don’t have an ETA as to when/if we expect to receive additional inventory. I would recommend checking back periodically to see when it is available for pre-order.


I hope this has been helpful and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to bring them to my attention!



Javier|Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
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Pre-ordering Spiderman collectors edition

Hi I was wondering how i would go about pre-ordering the collectors edition of Spiderman. I only ask this because over the past 4 days i have visited the page online and whenever the preorder button does popup it would keep saying something like this product is unavailable for preorder online so it wasnt added to the cart. 

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Re: Spiderman (PS4) Collector's Edition

What the hell is the deal at Best Buy lately ... You can never pre-order and limited edition games or gaming consoles at a local store anymore ... This totally blows ... You guys did it with the Project Scorpio Xbox One X and now I have experienced it again with this Spider Man collectors edition ... I like to preorder my games and Best Buy isn't allowing me too ... To pre order this stuff Best Buy has dupped over gamers and gone the greedy route of pre ordering as long as you pay the full price up front (in this case 4 to 5 monthes before release) ... This is one of the major reasons Best Buy is losing gamers like crazy ...




I used to spend more at Best Buy but now a days find myself going to other outlets (ie Amazon, GameStop and others) more often

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Re: Spiderman (PS4) Collector's Edition

One of the developers more or less said they wont be making any more of the collectors edition, apparently they all sold like hotcakes.

Best bet is to call around launch day and see if there are any preorders that werent picked up
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Re: Spiderman (PS4) Collector's Edition

Even on launch day BB can hold the items for like 7 days so I completely doubt anyone is gonna leave their pick up to another person.