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Monster Hunter Worlds Preorder Steelbook Charged?

Hi BB Support,


I was just at a local Best Buy and saw a copy of the game with a steelbook. To my understanding, the steelbook was a preorder incentive at limited quantities.


It was pure luck to have spotted the steelbook, but not when I was being rung up. They wanted to charge me $19.99 for the steelbook. Is that correct? With the games I've bought/preordered all my life, I've never encountered this issue. I've reached out to Capcom and will reach out to the manager of the store later today, but I also wanted to see what feedback I would get here and if anyone else was having this issue?


Was I supposed to be charged for the steelbook? If not, there's a bad POS error that needst to be addressed.


Thank you!

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Re: Monster Hunter Worlds Preorder Steelbook Charged?

Greetings jenvious,


Welcome to our forums! The steelbook was exclusively meant as an incentive for customers who pre-ordered Monster Hunter World. Now that the game has been released, any remaining steelbooks can be sold as regular merchandise for customers wishing to own one.


I hope this has been helpful and if you have any additional questions please let me know!



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Re: Monster Hunter Worlds Preorder Steelbook Charged?

Wow, that's pretty bad considering Gamestop gives away any leftover pre-order things.

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Re: Monster Hunter Worlds Preorder Steelbook Charged?

I think I can add to this a little. All preorder gifts with purchase actually have a price on them, even when they are picked up with a preorder. They package out for free when they are picked up in store (or in your cart for an online order). The price is there to keep people from taking the item without buying the game, therefore prioritizing customers that buy the game.

Usually the price is outrageously high so as to deter people from even wanting to buy them on their own. These products are part of the store inventory, so they can’t just give them away without ringing them up (though many employees are unaware of this and still do it). If you have a receipt from an in store preorder with a free item, check the item on it and see that it lists a regular price and packages out for $0.00.

When buying the game after the week of release, the package deal often expires, making the gift with purchase charge a price. Sometimes, if there is an overstock of the item, the package deal returns and remains until the stock is emptied out. The Mario Odyssey coin is a good example of this.