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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3 at Best Buy

Does BB know if they plan on saying something soon? The game releases in 18 days, and I'm sure many people want to pick up their copy of Kingdom Hearts III Monday night, including myself. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon with good news of a midnight release plan.
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Re: Kingdom Hearts 3 at Best Buy

Hello all-


While Sam answered this previously, I apologize for any ambiguity in his message.  Best Buy will not be holding any midnight or early open events for this title.  

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Kingdom Hearts III pre-order concerns

I pre-ordered a copy of Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition four months ago. I see now on the item page that Best Buy is offering a free key ring with purchase, but that wasn't there when I made my order and is therefore not in my order history. Will it be added to the shipment automatically when the game is sent out or do I need to have it added manually before the fact?


I'd also like to know what it takes to make sure my item is shipped with proper packaging, i.e., in an actual box with padding. I've ordered two other special edition games from Best Buy this month. One was shipped in a flimsy bubble envelope, the other was shipped with no outer packaging at all, and unsurprisingly both arrived damaged. Bubble envelopes are fine for standard editions that don't really get crushed as easily, but not for things like this. Suffice to say, I've already waited long enough for this game, I do not want to have to wait even longer because I had to return it due to somebody not packing it right. I've had special editions shipped well-packed before, I know Best Buy can get it right, it shouldn't be a roulette for when it does.

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Kingdom Hearts III Pre Order Bonus

So I've had Kingdom Hearts III Deluxe Edition preordered since June and didn't know that there was a preorder bonus until now. The issue I'm worried about is that I have my order set to in-store pick up. From what I've been seeing is that people are getting the keychain shipped to them but the product page for the keychain itself doesn't seem to have an in-store pickup option so I'm not sure if the store will have them in stock or not when I go pick up my copy. It's only about 2 weeks away from release and my order details page still hasn't been updated with the preorder bonus and I was never notified about anything being shipped out. Just wondering if anyone can help me out.