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Better 1080 Ti Selection



Currently, BB only carries two models for the 1080 Ti  graphics card online. The EVGA SC2 and the PNY XLR8

While the SC2 is an okay card, it's definitely a mid tier option among the 1080 Ti's out there. The reviews I've seen for this card consistently mention that it either runs hotter because its heat sink is smaller and/or it does not overclock well. Some mention the lower TDP could be a reason, others inferior silicon. As far as the PNY goes, it doesn't look too appealing.


Does Best Buy plan on carrying other 1080 Ti models besides for the EVGA SC2 And the PNY Xlr8?


Because if you haad the 1080 Ti FTW3 model for example, I would love to cancel my order for the sc2 and get thte better model. I know BB isn't exactly a computer hardware store, but if there is demand can users let BB know so they might accomodate?


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Re: Better 1080 Ti Selection

Were the reviews you read on the EVGA SC2 based on the founders edition.


The new model runs 15 degrees cooler and has an inproved cooling system.

The new one have what one person called a Beefy Heat sink



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Re: Better 1080 Ti Selection

I bought 2 EVGA SC2 1080 ti card from bestbuy.  I never have any problem or overheating.  The 2nd EVGA SC2 I bought few months later after I had used it for a while. I am pretty satisified with the card. 

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Re: Better 1080 Ti Selection

Greetings Skol18,


Welcome to our forums! At this time I can’t say if we intend on carrying any additional Ti models. However, I can absolutely forward your interest to the appropriate teams for future consideration! In the meantime please feel free to keep an eye on our website for the most up to date inventory. If you have any additional questions please let me know!



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