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Anthem Steelbook Pre-Order Bonus

I noticed that a steelbook has recently been included as a bonus for pre-ordering any edition of Anthem. I'm wondering if this bonus will retroactively be applied to my existing order, or if I will need to cancel and re-order to claim it. Thanks.
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Re: Anthem Steelbook Pre-Order Bonus

You will need to cancel and re-order. However, I would suggest ordering the steel book versoin and once it is confirmed cancel the other.


There is a chance a moderator can see this message and do it for you. 



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Re: Anthem Steelbook Pre-Order Bonus

Can we get an official response to this issue?  RE2 just had a steelbook added and official response said all orders will be updated.  What of Anthem???

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Re: Anthem Steelbook Pre-Order Bonus

Hi all,


The pre-order bonus Steelbook for Anthem should be added in to any existing pre-orders. There’s no need to cancel and place a new order.


The bonus may not be added until a couple days before launch, so don’t worry if you don’t see the Steelbook on your order soon. It should be added before the game ships out.



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