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You will never use a hair dryer like this! Dyson - Supersonic™

by Retired: Senior Social Media Specialist ‎10-31-2016 08:41 AM - edited ‎10-31-2016 04:31 PM (39,778 Views)

Dyson- Supersonic

Dyson has been well known for creating industry leading technology in their latest vacuum and air treatment models,
 and yet they continue to amaze the consumer industry with its latest innovation, the Dyson Supersonic™








Dyson- Supersonic WhiteThe Dyson Supersonic hair dryer engineering design has been rethought while still keeping the hair dryer’s main features. The redesign starts at the core with the engine, all the way to its magnetic attachments, while keeping the Dyson iconic one-of-a-kind look and feel. 







 Intelligent heat control and shine

Great new features you can find that will blow you away, begin with the ultra-fast drying, controlled with three different levels of velocity airflow (Fast drying, regular drying, and styling) and four heat settings. Don’t be discouraged, with these precise settings, Dyson engineers have invested a lot of time to develop a very powerful digital motor V9 that plays an important key that sets this dryer apart from anything else in the industry. Spinning at 110,000 times per minute, the power digital motor V9 produces inaudible frequency, and it’s enveloped by a vibration reduction system.


If you think you can skip the gym and get your biceps trained with this hair dryer, its time you start looking for another make and model. By reducing the size of the motor it allows the hair dryer’s weight to be significantly & noticeably less across the industry. You can find the motor in the handle, rebalancing the dryer’s weight (1.8 lb.) and rethinking its shape (9.6 x 3.1 x 3.8 inches (H x W x D)). Your hair styling routine will never be the same again.


The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer helps prevent extreme heat damaged by allowing air temperature to be checked every 20 times a second and be regulated by microprocessor technology. While protecting hair and keeping its natural shine is important, I would have to say that my favorite feature is the magnetic attachments that can easily snap on, adjust, and be removed.


  • Smoothing nozzle: Dries hair gently using smooth, wide air, allowing you to dry and style at the same time.
  • Styling concentrator: High-velocity, focused air that lets you style one section at a time - without worrying about disturbing the rest.
  • Diffuser: Engineered to disperse air evenly around each of your ringlets. Simulates natural drying to help reduce frizz and improve definition.

Dyson- Supersonic White

Dyson- Supersonic.JPG
 Ratings & Reviews, lets you know that you will not be disappointed as it rates 100% satisfaction. So go ahead, make the investment, and just as Dyson puts it “You will never use a hair dryer like this!”








Whether you get the Fuchsia or White color Dyson Supersonic™, don’t forget to protect your investment with Best Buy Geek Squad Product Replacement Plan.









on ‎11-06-2016 01:35 AM

This looks awesome!

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