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What to Look for When Purchasing a Record Player

by Social Media Specialist Social Media Specialist ‎05-10-2019 10:05 AM - edited ‎05-10-2019 10:36 AM (15,979 Views)


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As a new Best Buy employee, and a beginner level audiophile, I was so excited to find out that we carry a large selection of Vinyl Records. I had so many records on my “to buy list”, I couldn’t wait to check them off (and use that sweet, sweet employee discount) but once I started adding my most needed records into my cart, I stopped short. Could I dream bigger? Do we carry record players, and could I update my system at home, in addition to adding about 20 new titles to my vinyl record collection?


Turns out, yep, I can spend more money! I found out very quickly that Best Buy carries a wide variety of record players and turntables. Now that I’ve realized that it’s time for an upgrade, I found that I didn’t exactly know what to look for in a new record player. I decided to take a deep dive into the turntable specifications Best Buy has available, and I’ve complied a guide below to help any customer looking to upgrade or purchase their first turntable system!





Typically, you start here before making any purchases, right? However, turntables aren’t always the whole part of the system, and additional pieces may be required to produce the effect that you desire from your turntable. As a rule, experts suggest reserving 50% of your overall turntable system budget on the turntable itself. Why? “Because the turntable is the source of your music, and its inherent sound quality. Any quality lost here will not be regained further down the chain from the amplifier and speakers.”




To produce music from your new turntable, usually you will need to purchase an amplifier and speakers. While some more basic models can be connected directly to the speakers of your choice via the headphone jack, others require an amplifier or a receiver to connect to speakers. A receiver is a basically an amplifier, but contains a radio tuner and can be a part of a home theater setup. It’s up to your budget and preferences, but there are many turntable systems available that include everything, too!


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Some turntables, such as the Victrola suitcase style that many  of us are used to seeing, offer everything you need to listen to your records in one. Simply plug it in and pop on a record, and you’re all ready to blast your favorite albums in vinyl record format! All-in-one designs are a great convenience, offer a neat and simple set up, and are a great starting point to get used to records and turntables.

           Victola Suitcase Turntable System.JPG




Are you a complete record player newbie, or an experienced turntable veteran? While some, more expensive models may be on the more difficult side to set up,  other versions such as all-in-one turntable options or this simple Audio-Technica turntable can be set up in a few, relatively painless minutes. If you’re looking to experiment with your sound or would like a more customizable record player setup, check out Best Buy’s component models for more customization. Need help setting it all up, or don’t have time? Geek Squad can help set up your home audio!




Now that you’re considering the different turntables and record player systems available within your budget… do you have the space to put it? Record players come in a wide variety of sizes, from huge to portable, and typically require space for the amplifier/receiver, as well as the speakers. A record player stand is the perfect all in one option, and these adorable vinyl record suitcases are perfect for stowing away your records as well!

             Victrola Espresso Turntable Record Player Stand.JPG




Are you looking for additional capabilities for your record player, such as a headphone jack, a USB port, Bluetooth compatibility, or a phono amp so that you don’t have to purchase an amplifier and plug your turntables directly into your speakers? These are all features that are available on certain turntables, and worth checking out so that you make sure you get all the components you’re looking for in your new record player.


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