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“Wear it. Mount it. Love it.”

by ‎04-10-2018 02:39 PM - edited ‎04-10-2018 03:08 PM (23,453 Views)

GoPro was introduced to me almost 10 years ago while playing baseball with some friends. Little did I know is how much of an impact such a small piece of technology would make in my life. My GoPro has become an essential part of my gear and I foresee it being that way for a very long time. Whether I’m snowboarding, longboarding with my dog, on my motorcycle, or on the lake, my GoPro is right there with me to make sure I can capture those moments so I can share them later with my friends, family, and those naysayers who say, “pics or it didn’t happen!”.


I’m happy to share that GoPro has done it again. With the announcement of the GoPro Hero, they’ve found a way to condense some of the best features from their top tier cameras and pack them into a new package with a price tag that makes it even easier to get started!



2 inch screen.jpgThe new GoPro Hero includes a 2-inch touch screen which allows you to make sure that your desired shot is in frame. This is incredibly helpful for situations where you have your camera mounted on a fixed location such as a helmet or a tripod. The screen also provides you with the ability to make changes to your settings, delete previous clips, and get important details such as battery life and memory card storage left.






Video Sabilization.jpgI never knew how incredible video stabilization was until I experienced it! This used to be a feature that was only found in their higher end models and I’m glad it’s made its way into the Hero. Regardless if you’re barreling down a hill on your mountain bike or holding your camera as you walk along a shoreline, video stabilization will make sure those memories are recorded as clearly and fluid as possible. This has been a game changer for GoPro and i'm sure you're going to agree! 





Waterproof.pngIf I had a nickel for every how many times I forgot my waterproof case at home and got stuck in rain only to be forced to make sure I took my GoPro off my helmet to shield it from the elements I could have bought an umbrella. With the integrated waterproof design, you can still capture those unforgettable moments and go where your smartphone can’t! As it stands, the GoPro hero can withstand being underwater down to 33 feet. If you need a bit more protection, you can purchase the Super Suit Dive Housing which increases that range up to 196 feet! 






 We’ve come a long way from the traditional cassette based camera that you had to lug around and recording those moments you want to share with everyone is as easy as pushing a button. Check out the new GoPro Hero and let me know what you're going to capture next! 



GoPro Hero 2.jpg

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