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Wallpaper Thin LG TV

by on ‎02-20-2017 03:39 PM (24,051 Views)



LG the pioneer of OLED announced another show stopper at CES in January. This time it’s a wallpaper thin TV that weighs in at a little over 16 pounds for a 65”!




Other features this knock-out TV boasts about is the Perfect Black & Cinematic Color, Active HDR Content, and Wide Viewing Angles.




Perfect Black & Cinematic Color mean each individual pixel is able to create their own light, and when the screen needs to be black they actually power off giving you that true black look.





HDR is a widely popular feature on the 2017 TV line-ups. Having Active HDR allows LG’s processor in this super thin model to create each frame with intention so it’s more crisp, and clear.




This amazingly thin TV will cause less fights over sitting in the "Sweet Spot" (best spot in the in the room for optimal picture quality) due it's Wide Viewing Angles. With help of  the cinematic color and infinite contrast of the LG OLED TV holds up to almost any angle from your couch!




Another thing to note is that most TVs on the market have about 20 Watts of sound they’re able to use. Which means you’d probably need to purchase another sound component that can help deliver more sound. This slim 4K TV’s includes a sound bar which houses the TV’s ports, and 60 watts worth of speaker too. If 60 watts just doesn't fit the bill for you; you can also use the Dolby Atmos technology to pass through to a home theater set-up.





Also, there'll be no more worries about choosing the correct wall mount as this OLED LG TV comes with its own, and mounting is the only option as a stand isn't included. 




What does everyone think about this new super thin TV? 






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