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The Tech of Tomorrow!

by ‎05-19-2017 01:02 PM - edited ‎05-25-2017 02:44 PM (50,225 Views)

Have you ever wondered when the future would arrive? Well, the answer is now. Ever since I was a kid watching The Jetsons, I’ve been waiting for the day where we would have flying cars, hologram video games and food prepared and delivered at the push of a button. It’s safe to say we’re almost there.


The newest trend is here and electric go machines are all the rage. The engineers and mad scientists have been hard at work coming up with a slew of products that will revolutionize the way we move.



T3 Self Balancing Scooter

Starting with the most iconic thus far, the self-balancing scooter by Swagtron. They come in a variety of colors and offer different features. They all have one thing in common though, they’re going to turn heads when they see you rolling. With a rechargeable battery, non-slip foot pads and capable of reaching 7mph, you’re bound to reach your destination with #swag.







If you’ve ever ridden a skateboard or longboard, the worst part is pushing (or maybe falling). With the technology of today, anyone can pick one up and hit the streets with confidence. This YUNEEC electric skateboard comes with a Bluetooth wireless remote and is capable of going up to 18 miles while reaching speeds of 12.5 mph! 





Sector 9 Pads.jpg






Safety is always extremely important and when hopping on two wheels and luckily we have you covered. We carry an assortment of helmets, and knee/elbow/wrist guards to make sure you’re protected!









Time to stop dreaming about the future and get out there! Let me know if you have any experience with this tech of tomorrow and what you think about it.

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