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Tech That Moves You

by on ‎07-31-2016 12:00 AM (22,599 Views)

These sweet tech toys are a great way to cruise your way through the wonderful weather these summer months. I’m an almost-30yr-old that would love to try out most of our rideables options. Some are certainly meant for the older audience, but there are many great toys for the younger kids to enjoy. The options include powered riding toys, skateboards, scooters, and more. Below are just a few of my favorite products in this fun-for-all category.


E-Go Skateboard

YUNEEC – E-Go Electric Longboard


Kick, push, kick, push… is the skateboarding method of yesterday with this sleek motorized board. Don’t worry, you can still get moving old school style, if you choose. Otherwise you can let the 400W motor get you going up to 12.5mph using the Bluetooth remote or by using the Android and iOS app to adjust your speed and riding modes. If that wasn’t incentive enough and you want to see how far your skate session took you, you can track your distance traveled in the app, as well! Maneuvering should be easy with a board length just a bit longer than most regular skateboards and its kicktail could allow an ollie to hop up curbs or maybe just some stylish carving.

 ACTON Rocketskates


ACTON – Rocketskates


While these “rockets” won’t take you to the moon, they could certainly take you quite a ways (up to 10mi per charge). Blast off up to 12mph with the 50W electric motors in each skate and turn the heads of all those you glide effortlessly by. Feel like a leisurely stroll instead? No problem. There are three speed modes to choose the speed your comfortable skating at, all controlled by the Bluetooth controller in-hand.





Razor Dune Buggy


Razor – Electric Dune Buggy


For those that prefer a more conventional sort of fun, this little buggy shouldn’t be overlooked. Plus, parents could take this opportunity to teach your child how to drive almost a decade early! The Razor Electric Dune Buggy provides up to 45min of rip roarin’ enjoyment that can take you off the beaten path for some offroading with its knobby tires for ultimate traction. Don’t forget a helmet; safety first.





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